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Air Quality 

MHT Consulting brings a vast amount of knowledge in Air Quality.  Our staff has held various positions throughout their careers in industry and working for regulatory agencies.  With a wide array of experience running air programs in the major basins in the U.S, we offer the expertise in the wide range of services to meet the needs of our clients.

Air Permitting

MHT has the staff expertise to complete minor and major source permitting projects across the country, including any air dispersion modeling required for your permit type. MHT works with clients to provide flat rate pricing on most minor source air permit projects.

Air Emissions Inventory + Reporting

State emission inventories are data intense and can be stressful. Let MHT help you get organized and submit high quality calculations on time. Our staff has experience in multiple states and have developed tools to minimize state agency reporting website headaches.

ESG + Sustainability Support + Verification

ESG reporting and metrics are here to stay and our staff is prepared to help you stay up to date. MHT will partner with you to find the data, implement procedures and identify areas for continuous improvement. We are also available for data validation and verification of calculation methodology.

NSPS Subpart OOOOa Reporting

Annual reporting is due each October for facilities subject to NSPS Subpart OOOOa and includes a detailed review of equipment and activity. MHT staff can handle everything from QA/QC data review to full data management and submittal.

GHG Reporting

EPA’s annual reporting of GHG emissions is a daunting task to complete. Our staff of experts will help with your data collection, QA/QC, reporting forms and all the questions that EPA will ask. Let us be an extension of your staff.

Regulatory Guidance 

Our staff is available to consult on any environmental needs or regulatory questions you may have.  Our staff regularly participates in state and federal advocacy calls either representing MHT or on behalf of a client.  We are on top of regulatory changes at all levels and are available to discuss what these proposed changes could mean for your facilities.

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