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Our Team

We believe that ensuring we have a talented and happy team is the key to ensuring we meet our client's goal on every project.  We have experience in most of the major basins and states!  

Tyson Milner | CEO and Partner

Tyson Spent 10 years of VP of Operations at Great Plains Analytical Services and 4 years in the environmental consulting industry in a similar role. He has spent his career surrounding himself with individuals that best serve clientele. Tyson has found success at each of his previous roles by finding innovative ways to improve industry service through efficient processes and diligent quality assurance, assisting each company to achieve dynamic nationwide growth.

Jaron Hill | Principal and Partner

Jaron has over 15 years of environmental and air quality experience in industry, consulting and as a state regulator. After receiving a B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Environmental Science from Texas Christian University, he began his career as an air quality inspector for the Oklahoma Department of
Environmental Quality before moving to industry in 2010 with Chesapeake Energy. At Chesapeake, and the subsequent companies Access Midstream and Williams, he focused on the midstream assets and building air and other environmental compliance programs that fit operations across multiple
states. During this time in industry, Jaron also focused on regulatory affairs and federal air compliance issues, including GHG reporting, as an industry recognized expert on air quality regulations. Jaron then moved to Tapstone Energy where he focused on building an environmental program for all media at a production company. He then entered the consulting services industry
where he built programs and hired staff focused on customer service. Jaron has brought that same focus to MHT to continue to build up a firm that will place the client’s needs first.

Lyndee Songer | Director of Environmental Services

Lyndee graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor's degree in environmental science and has a master’s degree in environmental law from Vermont Law School. From OSU, she then went on to the Department of Environmental Quality where she worked in the Air Compliance Division inspecting oil/gas sites, refineries, and other industries. In 2011, Lyndee joined Chesapeake Energy in the EHS department. While at Chesapeake, she worked in many different EHS areas including Air Permitting, Air Compliance, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC), Acquisitions and Divestures, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Tier II, Regulatory Specialist, and EHS Special Projects. After Chesapeake Energy, she joined the team at Basin Environmental as Operation Manager where she oversaw SPCC, SWPPP, Tier II, and Phase I ESA’s. Lyndee went on to join MHT Consulting as Sr. Project Manager where she led projects in SPCC, Tier II, Phase I ESA, Due Diligence for acquisitions and divestures, Compliance Audits, and other environmental services. Throughout her career, Lyndee has worked with agencies in the
following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Kristin Ikard | Co-Director of Air Quality

Kristin started her air quality career in college and graduate school with internships at BP and Devon and graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science and M.S. in Environmental Management and Industrial Hygiene from the University of Oklahoma. Following graduate school in 2010, Kristin began work at Chesapeake Energy. At Chesapeake (and subsequent companies
Access Midstream and Williams), her work was focused in the midstream sector permitting compressor stations and gas plants. Kristin then moved into consulting at Flatrock Engineering and Environmental managing their Oklahoma City branch, which included both air permitting/compliance and other environmental projects such as Tier II and full environmental audits. Kristin is the Director of Air Permitting for MHT Consulting managing a wide range of permitting, audit, and compliance/reporting projects. Kristin has air permitting experience across the country in all major oil and gas plays. Her expertise is in both minor and major source air permitting and compliance, NSPS and NESHAP reporting, and emission inventories and other year-end reporting for both midstream and production facilities.

Allison Satterfield | Environmental Operations


Allison began her career working for Ecocion, the developer of Asset & Compliance and Tracking System (ACTS), setting up and maintaining client databases. She then went on to work as an air quality consultant with a focus on oil and gas. During this time, she worked on a variety of upstream and midstream projects including: emission inventory reporting, Federal and state minor and major source permitting, GHG reporting, NSPS and NESHAP reporting, and auditing. During her 5 years as a consultant she has addressed air quality needs for oil and gas operations in Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. Ms. Satterfield also worked for Noble Energy for 5 years where she ensured the permitting and compliance needs were met for Colorado assets.  Ms. Satterfield has a MS in Environmental Science and Engineering from Colorado School of Mines as well as BS in Environmental Science and a BS in Biology from the University of Arkansas.

Jaclyn Schaffner | Director - Air Quality

Jaclyn graduated from King’s College with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and graduated from the University of Colorado with a master’s degree in environmental science. From CU, she started her career in air quality at Ecocion setting up and maintaining client databases in ACTS. Jaclyn then moved into consulting for URS, which included working on a variety of projects, including air permitting and compliance for midstream and upstream sources, Federal and state regulatory analysis, applicability determination, multimedia environmental audits, and GHG reporting. Throughout her career, Jaclyn has worked directly with EPA and agencies in the following states: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Most recently, she worked at Noble Energy/Chevron as a permitting and compliance engineer for Colorado assets and then as the Sr. HSE Regulatory Affairs Coordinator managing all of Noble’s Consent Decree requirements, programs, compliance, and reporting. 

Let's Work Together

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